Ethospace Singapore

A design consultancy firm whom we helps to build a online design consultancy service and create campaigns in order to drive traffic via search and social platforms.

HobbsHoldings, Singapore

F&B group own the franchisee of Canadian Pizza Singapore whom we help to build the entire customer relation and operational software automation in order to increase the operational and marketing efficiency. Marketing campaigns was created via facebook and google to...

Hot Air Balloons...

A complete revamp of design identity and lead generation campaigns was set up on Instagram and Facebook to increase the sales. Recommend the CRM application and implemented the same. Facebook Messenger marketing was implemented too

Western Watches

Completely revamped and reestablished their online presence by creating a new portal and expanding their product presence by listing on other online shopping portals. Various digital campaigns was created on facebook, Instagram, and google to create brand awareness and influencer...

One of the largest online shopping portals in UAE. Product based advertising campaigns was created on facebook where the sales was sky rocketed.


Digital Powerhouse. We build their website.


A unique concept based in UAE. we developed its mobile apps


We conceived this platform and doing a photographic documentary in order to create an awareness about learning.