Chatbots as a distribution strategy for media companies
Several publishers — from The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, and CNN to Quartz, Mic, TechCrunch, and Fusion — have already experimented with varying forms of chatbots on various messaging platforms and even Singapore Government has embraced this latest addition.
 we’ll continue to see publisher experiments with bots — the explosive growth of mobile messaging is only going to continue, and what better place for a media company to be than where users are already spending most of their time?
  • Chatbots represent an attractive distribution opportunity for publishers. It’s a way for you to get stories to your audiences in a context that’s already familiar to them, without needing to compel them to download yet another app that gets uninstalled or subscribe to another email newsletter that gets ignored.
  • When it comes to bot functionality, simple is fine — maybe even preferable. It’s good enough for your first bot to send users a daily digest.
  • Articles shared via Messenger bot should ideally be in Facebook’s Instant Article’s format.