Messenger Marketing is set to become the world’s single biggest marketing channel in the next 5-7 years.

How it works?

Connect Online Audience

Facebook Messenger Live chat which integrates Facebook Messenger into a website. Once the visitor initiates a chat, you could chat with him via Messenger in real time. Even if he leaves your website your messages will be delivered to him as push notifications.

Offline Store Footfalls

Facebook Messenger Code can be placed on the counter where the offline customers (retail footfalls) to join your FB Messenger Subscriber List & engage with you regularly.

Messenger Broadcast Will Allow Businesses to Send Mass Marketing Messages

Send content updates, valuable notifications or anything else that your users have subscribed to.


50 Times Better Than Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is the oldest form of traffic method – Evergreen & good but not that reliable as it was earlier. Few months back Gmail became strict and open rate dropped from 20% to 4% straight away for 99% of online entrepreneurs. But 100% of your subscriber will see your message in fb messenger and everyone will be instantly notified on browser/app notification as this is new message on fb messenger app.

Ongoing Conversation

With Messenger the conversation never stops. Continue chat with visitors even if they leave your website. The visitors will get a push notification even if they’re inactive
Start Converting Website Visitors* into Facebook Messenger Subscribers.

Facebook as your CRM

Effortlessly know more about every single customer and manage the leads from your website and social media in a single place.

Collect REAL leads On Website

Subscribers do add fake email ids to opt-in in new era because they are tired of receiving promotional mails.

But they can’t do it in fb messenger as primary email id (email id of their facebook account) is referred in messenger for messenger message.

Connect All Offline Prospect in 1 Click

Add facebook messenger bar code on your visiting card or add your offline list messenger list link

As soon as they visit that link or scan bar code They’ll be added to list. 

You can message this offline list at once making them feel like it’s personal message just for them

Fb Messenger List better than Fb Fans

Fb Fan page reach is only 6% as compared to 100% on fb messenger.Your all post don’t reach every fan of yours unlike message in messenger.

Amazing features

Saved Replies

Respond to common questions with canned but personalized replies.

Customer Profiles

See a customer’s Facebook profile, conversation history and more.


Send content updates, valuable notifications or anything else that your users have subscribed to.