Guest Engagement, Automated
Automate and engages your guests in real time using conversational interface. Delight your guests, your staff, and your bottom line with conversations.
Hotel room assistant
Current system…
Hotels currently rely on intercoms and their staff to attend to their guest’s requests (both registering a request and fulfilling them).
Current state…
Huge bottleneck, guests hate standing in line at the reception or holding on the call. Remember the times when you were put on hold or had the line ringing forever? And all you wanted was two extra pillows!
But we have mobile apps…
Mobile apps do these things but the process is not frictionless — Typical experience is -> Get on the hotel wifi, search the app in the app store (yawn), download the mobile app, register/sign up, learn the menu and navigation, then a bunch of additional clicks before you can order extra towels! Plus everyone from the party of guests needs to download the app on their own devices if they desire independent control.
And guests want…
to be pampered, so save them footsteps and clicks demands using other human interaction mechanisms — conversational interface solves this problem! Why click when you can converse?
The stuff the voice assistant could do…
•Personalized greeting
•Intro to room amenities
•Alarm clock
•Shuttle service info and sign up
•Wayfinding info
•Room service for utility items
•Room-Food/drink service — Menu, prices, prep time, scheduling, status, confirmation, payment confirmation.
•Music on demand
•News on demand
•Wikipedia and general searches
•Housekeeping preferences
•Valet service
•Check-in/Check-out related info
•Billing information and services
•Connected room services (*hardware upgrades needed) — lights, locks, bath/hot water, HVAC controls, window shades/curtains, sleep number settings, etc.
•Rewards and Profile management