Intelligent Shopping Digital Assistant -Increase the online store conversion by AI powered intelligent in-person digital assistant.

Conversation, the new age online shopping interface, could harness the classic in-store shopping human interaction format and layer it on the e-commerce platforms to personalize the shopping experience in order to increase the engagement & conversion.

Conversion varies by industry and region, but studies found that in-store conversion rates typically averaged around 20% in 2013 and online retail conversion rates averaged 2.3%. The in-person shopping experience is still essential for retail success. Almost three-quarters of online shoppers still believe that the traditional in-store experience is important when making a purchase.

Most brands know that when done right, personalization can be a huge game changer. Targeted communications that are relevant and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth of 10 to 30 percent. Trials to provide the similar kind of in-store experience via e-commerce channels have not been fully fruitful so far due to the lack of technological advancements. Now in the light of AI renaissance, personalized communication on a massive scale is possible.

We are entering into a new age where online shopping can be done via conversations instead of traditional browsing. A conversation could add the long-missing element of in-store personalized human touch.

AI-powered shopping assistant can be inbuilt or woven into the existing online channels where it smoothens the shopping experience and adds the personal touch in online shopping which is currently available in physical store.

Conversation is not going to replace the old shopping formats; it is just another touchpoint where it brings the convenience in ways people shop online. When it comes to conversational interface, instead of mistaking it for a standalone touchpoint, consider it to be a harmonious blend of all existing layers to stimulate the engagement with an audience.

To begin with, bot on FB messenger can be adopted as additional touchpoint with a particular use case instead of implementing full-scale business models.