How One Startup Is Rescuing The World’s Most Valuable Asset

Brett Hurt co-founded with the mission to democratize and network data. “People say that data is the new oil, but the truth is, it’s crude, unrefined and hard to find,” Brett says. The company’s vision: To unlock the latent value of data (now only available to giants like Google) by making data and best-in-class data analytics technology universally approachable to universities, nonprofits and people around the world. To maximize the long-term value they could create through this data platform for themselves and society, the co-founders, board and investors all agreed that needed to launch as a benefit corporation. As more and more pre-IPO and Fortune 500 companies begin to consider this new corporate structure, I spoke with Brett about his reasons for using it, his investors’ reaction, and his board process for alignment and conversion. Read more