Intelligent Interface

A brand in our eyes is not just a logo, a mascot, a cool Tv Ad or a colorful picture anymore. If NIKE was a real person, what would he be like? How would he sound? How would he interact with you? Heck, is it even gonna be a“HE” or is it an SHE? And Please don’t even say HE would have been Michael Jordan. Times are over when we judged a brand by its social consciousness, tie-ups in the marketplace and initiatives it took for various causes around the world. We cannot, anymore, simply associate a brand with its ambassador and influencers. We need it to talk to us directly, not through subliminal messages or via celebrities and actors.

When we open a business and what are the first few requirements that come to our mind? We need a website! A social media page, and somebody to run it. Oh! we definitely need a cool App. All the above still applies and will for many years to come, but, its time to add just another requirement, and that is the conversational aspect of your brand. The ability to talk to your customers anytime, anywhere in a way that is natural to humans.

Conversational interfaces allow humans to communicate with brands using natural language either through text or voice interactions. I can comfortably say now that brands will not have a choice other than having conversational layer integrated on the existing touch points, it would be better to have an inclusive conversational layer than soiled extension where it is not going to benefit the business. The conversational interface is not going to be another business fad, it will become the core element of any business.