Failed Digital Marketing Approach vs Our Unique Approach

Current Digital Marketing Agency Approach / Problem

Problem with the current digital marketing company is not having an integrated approach instead soiled channel-based approach which is completely irrelevant and results are not met. It is complete havoc out there.
Entire digital channels have been approached with the same old framework of traditional media without any thought in to. It is prevalent now and companies who adopted digital media earlier realized that same mindset would not be applicable and a new framework required to be successful in the digital fields. The same metrics which used to rule the industry such as impressions, reach, frequency etc are mere vanity metrics.

Our Unique Approach / Solutions

We map out the customer persona and journey before even begin with the ideation of campaigns and also gather customer intent from where it originates and respond to them accordingly via the appropriate channels instead of creating a separate campaign for different media.
For example, Google, Facebook & Instagram where your customers are spending 75% of their time, customers search intents are studied in order to create a campaign for entire customer journey regardless of channels.
As a marketer, you face the challenge of customer retention every day. You know repeat customers equal more transactions and higher conversion rates. You seek opportunities to leverage high-potential customers, maximize your ROI, and ultimately secure lasting customer relationships.


Increase Customer Satisfaction and Engagement (+80%)
Boost Conversions and Sales (+107%)
Reduce Return Rates (-10%)
Improve Cross-Selling Opportunities (+9.7% AOV)
We have devised the following core formulas which become our guideline to organize and run the digital campaigns:
 1) 8 touch to acquire and retain customers – This has been derived from cognitive science, Spaced Frequency in Advertising – A cognitive learning practice.
2) Our Baseball formula to drive organic traffic to a website
3) Connect the following Conversational Channels: Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Google RCS
4) Roller Coaster Ride Customer Journey – the customer funnel is no longer linear, the old outdated approach is not valid and dynamic journey is being taken place and this approach is considered in our campaign plans. Source:    
Digital Marketing Approach