Why launch a conversational chatbot than a mobile app

Let’s be honest people! It’s getting harder every day for businesses to get people to download their app. Downloads are declining 20% every year and 60% of all app downloads come from Facebook owned apps i.e. Facebook, Facebook messenger, Instagram and Whats-app. Humans are hooked on messenger apps. Facebook messenger has 1.2 billion people using it per month and Whats-app has similar stats as well.
Businesses around the world have realized, that instead of pulling people towards themselves, why not appear on platforms where consumers are already hanging out? Hence arises the need ofchat-bots that can talk to people in all the messenger platforms and provide them with info on whatever they are trying to spend their money on. Now this idea, as much as it is being adapted and implemented everywhere else, Dubai seems to be running a little behind the trend. We do see some of the businesses running theirchat-bots and conversational interaction interfaces, but they are very few.
Let’s get back to talking trash about the apps and the hassle of forcing people to download them. If we talk a little about how a business gets to the stage where their app is ready to download, we notice that bringing an App idea into reality is another pain staking, time consuming and an expensive process. Get dedicated development resources, spend weeks, sometimes months developing the app, wait for approvals to get on to the Play Store and I-tunes. After all that is done, spend money on marketing your app, attract people with all kind of content and creatives. Even if all that hard work pays off and you eventually get someone to download & install your app, stats are clear on the fact that 23% of all users uninstall the app after one use, 62% users will use the app less than eleven times, and finally the app is deleted, and app notifications become useless and the struggle now starts to get them back onto your platform.
This might sound a little evil, but we need to take advantage of people’s need for instant gratification, real time instant feedback and the society’s growing impatience. I personally feel betrayed and frustrated when I send a message to a business with a complaint or a question and the reply I get is “We will get back to you in less than 24 hours”. I don’t have 24 hours to wait, I want it NOW! I am ready to pay more money to skip lines at the amusement parks, more money to get my package delivered to me ASAP, I want the fastest internet connection because if a video is taking more than 2 seconds to load on YouTube, I’m clicking away from it! You think, with that level of patience, I would ever want to go through the hassle of downloading an app? The answer is a big “HELL NO”!
That brings me back to the need ofConversational Interactive Interfacesor as we, here atMaconaughey Digital-UAE,like to call it theC.I.I or in simple terms a User-friendly artificial intelligence-based chat bot. By launching a chat-bot your services are available instantly on all the mobile platforms and devices, both on Android and IOS. Way lower development costs, less time to build and develop and no waiting time to get it onto Play Store and I-tunes. You can get a chat-bot developed and installed on any of the messenger platforms such as FB messenger, Slack, Telegram and more. As I mentioned earlier FB messenger has about 1.2 billion active users and already a billion messages are exchanged between users and businesses per month. A few of the highlights and advantages of adapting the Conversational Interactive Interface (C.I.I)
  • Faster, simpler and more user friendly
  • Increased user engagement
  • Higher user engagement as people open messenger notifications way more than email newsletters, media posts and other forms of notifications.
  • Users are already used to getting messages from their friends so adapting to the C.I.I is zero effort.
  • Chabot broadcasts which are more intimate and are in a form of one on one conversation as compared to the long abstract email newsletter.
I can go on for a little longer, but I also want to acknowledge the fact that it is still a little early for the Bots to take over the world. To prove my point, I might have been a little unfair to the traditional marketing tools and notifications, which I admit are still intact and are a good way to reach an audience. I am just trying to prepare all of us for the future. Chatbots that can be built directly into already spreading AI based, conversation based tech devices such as ALEXA by AMAZON or Google Assistant. It is a starting phase and I might have overrated the trend as there are still a lot of questions such as
  • How will people react to chatting with brands instead of their friends?
  • How will new users discover the bots?
  • How can a chatbot be made more useful and sticky?
  • What if Facebook restricts the access to monetize the messenger?
And there are, and will be, many more such queries, but the only way to answer them is to start adapting and learning by putting more time on these platforms to gain experience. It’s a good introduction and a starting point for us to learn and perfect ways to mix a higher concentration of convenience into the user experience.