Intelligent Marketing

Let’s make business personal again

Today brands are trying their best to engage with customers via different platforms like social media, websites and emails. Unfortunately though the brands are able to talk at their customers, to talk with them remains a massive challenge. Following a company’s page on social media or just viewing a mail or website still a passive and limited level of engagement.

The impersonal and cold nature of the marketing has finally resulted in companies starting to realize that there is something broken with the delivery itself. Such demanding times calls for disruptive actions that can shift from waiting to follow up on leads and the usage of emails, cold calls and lead forms that fail to catch any attention to one that is targeted with real-time response.

What the time calls for is Conversational Marketing.   

Conversational marketing is delivered in a one-on-one approach and enables the companies to effectively and efficiently understand their customers, shorten their sales cycles and create a better human buying experience. Though conversational marketing is often confused with chatbots, it is much bigger than a single channel platform and calls for inbound and outbound tactics that are entirely about staring a dialogue with people who you know are interested and will indeed benefit from what you have to offer. It removes the need for blasting messages outward or forcing people to take an action. Instead you are listening to the queries and feedback and delivering better solutions.

You are delivering actual conversations.

Why Conversational Marketing

Targeted Real Time Solutions

The world today is so on-demand that if a business fails to provide response as quickly as possible, they definitely will go ask someone else – a competitor.  Consumers now prefer real-time responses and conversational marketing was born and adapted because of this. With the help of real-time interactions built in on websites, apps and messaging apps, it focuses on delivering quick services 24/7, 365.

Customer-centered Personalized Solutions

The key benefit to conversations is that you let the customers communicate their needs and requirement. With the help of the feedbacks from the customers, conversational marketing can be designed in such a way that the responses you deliver are in line with what they are looking for and are delivered like a normal person will.


Companies have hid behind “Contact Us” forms on websites and the queue to talk to representatives as it used to be a challenge to have one-on-one conversation with all instantaneously. Conversational marketing have risen to this challenge by scaling conversations to unprecedented levels. Businesses today can talk to hundred or even thousands at a time in personal and interactive sessions.

Quality over Quantity

Companies today are so data driven that so much effort is being put into passively collecting leads while lesser attention is being given to what really matters – how to engage the leads and differentiate the ones who are genuinely interested. However conversational marketing is designed such that it can qualify your leads as well as interact with them to respond to their interests, queries and feedback. 

Act on valuable feedback

The realization that businesses cannot perform by making assumptions behind closed doors has hit businesses already. Today employees have to prepare reports and analyze them in detail before any decision is made. With conversational marketing, the customer feedback data is built in and the management can act upon them with efficacy.