An AI concierge just for your brand.


Conversational Shopping
: Invite users to rediscover shopping in a visual, conversational, and personalized way.

Provide personalised assistance: Replying to frequently asked questions (FAQ) or providing simple and timely information are perfect scenarios for a chatbot. A major burden for customer support is responding to the same requests over and over. A chatbot could provide correct answers, directly reply, or even escalate the request to a person freeing up agents’ time to work on more complex issues.

Provide in-store assistance and navigation: Create an effective combination of traditional model and AI to optimise in-store assistance to the customers. Use it to make product recommendations, make shopping pleasant and collect their feedback.

Loyalty Programme:Tracking and redemption

Customer Acquisition: The conversational interface engages your prospective customers well and collects their contact details. This way, you can reach a wider base of your potential clients through bots and let them interact with your brand.